Chom Dong Villa and Garden


In March, the bougainvillea are at their peak and the garden is a riot of colour ranging from pure white through pale pink to magenta, gold, orange, salmon-pink and red.

March is also the flowering time of the pink mempat Cratoxylum formosum ssp. pruniflorum and the delicate pale pink flowers resemble cherry blossom when viewed from afar.

March to June

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A blaze of colour is provided by the bougainvillea during the dry season

Averrhoea carambola L. star fruit มะเฟือง

Mangifera indica sp. three season mango มะม่วงสามฤดู

Anacardium occidentale cashew มะม่วงหิมพานตุ์

Plumeria obtusa white frangipani

Plumeria hybrid

Plumeria hybrid

Plumeria hybrid

March to April is the flowering peak of the plumeria and the perfume of the flowers fills the air at this time.  Hua Hin is especially noted for its mangos.

This is the time, too, when the monkeys come down from the hill – to savour the Chom Dong mangos and leave a trail of seeds in their wake.  Other fruits in season are the star fruits and cashews.

Cratoxylum formosum ssp. pruniflorum pink mempat แต้ว

From April to May and into June, the cassias start to flower.  First horse cassia ‘kaalapruek’ Cassia grandis provides the visitor with a spectacular view of salmon-pink sprays, followed by the pink and white cassia ‘kalapapruek’ Cassia bakeriana Craib at the entrance to the Villa. The next to bloom is the yellow of Indian laburnum ‘ratchapruek’ Cassia fistula (also known in Thailand as the flower associated with HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej).

Next, one is rewarded with the sight of the pink and white shower ‘kalapapruek’ Cassia bakeriana Craib at the entrance to the Villa. The final one to bloom, in late June, is apple blossom cassia ‘chaiya-pruek’ Cassia javanica, with its lovely pale pink flowers.  Also at this time flame of the forest ‘haang nok yoong’ Delonix regia with its deep orange and red flowers, and the yellow of  copper pod ‘nonsri’ Peltophorum pterocarpus can be seen.

Some unusual plants of local origin flower at this time. These include the deep blue ‘plong gin-look’ Memecylon ovatum and the pale lilac flowers of 'krapee chan' Milletia brandisiana Kurz.

Cassia bakeriana pink and white shower กัลปพฤกษื

Cassia fistula Indian laburnum ราชพฤกษ์

Delonix regia flame of the forest หางนกยูง

Milletia brandisiana กระพี้จั่น

Memycylon ovatum พลองกินลูก

Peltof]orum pterocarpus copper pod นนทรี

Cassia grandis horse cassia กาฬพฤกษ์

Cassia javanica apple blossom cassia ชัยพฤกษ์

Combretum punctatum สะแกวัลย์