Chom Dong Villa and Garden


Throughout the year, the garden at Chom Dong presents the visitor with an ever-changing kaleidoscope of flowering shrubs and trees, some of which are native to the original forest that existed.  These latter include ‘sarapee’ Mammea siamensis, ‘ked’ Mimusops hexandra Roxb., angsana ‘pradu baan’ Pterocarpus macrocarpus, several species of fig Ficus, elephant apple 'ma’tard' Dillenia indica, Siamese neem tree ‘sadao’ Azadirachta indica A., Singapore almond ‘hoo kwang’ Terminalia catappa, 'oy chang' Lannea coromandelica Merr., 'sark' Erythrophleum succirubrum Gagnep., tamarind ‘makaam’ Tamarindus indica, and various Lagerstroemia.

Some have been planted since the main villa was built, including fruit trees  such as the mango, coconut, and star fruit, the large teak Tectona grandis behind Chom Dong Villa, rain tree ‘jarm-juri’ Samanea saman, song of India Dracaena reflexa, and the yellow-flowering copper pod ‘nonsri’  Peltophorum pterocarpum Back ex Heyne.

The gardens

Designed by Lookrai

Our specialist gardens

Exploring the garden during the different seasons

The main garden

Over the years, more plants, shrubs and trees have been added.  Many of these have been chosen to withstand the sometimes long dry spells, and include bougainvillea ‘feung fa’, various species of frangipani ‘lantom’ Plumeria, desert rose 'chuan chom' Adenium obesum and lantana ‘paka-krong’ Viburnum lantana.

Also thriving are leadwort ‘payapmork’ Plumbago, yellow ‘barnburi’ Allamanda cathartica, purple bignonia ‘muang Maneerat’ Saritaea magnifica, various cassias, purple orchid tree ‘chong-koh see muang’ Bauhinia variegata, barometer bush ‘neon’ Leucophyllum frutescens (Berland) I. M Johnst. with magenta flowers, different types of palm trees and dragon tree ‘chan par’ Dracaena loureire Gagnep.

Hin Lek Fai Hill with a copper pod in flower

A British telephone booth with a Cassia bakeriana pink and white shower in bloom

Ficus religiosa L. sacred bodhi tree โพธิ์

Clitoria ternatea (pale blue) pale blue butterfly pea อัญชันสีฟ้า

Hibiscus syriacus rose althea

Wrightia dubia Spreng. red wrightia โมกแดง

Bauhinia purpurea L. Hong Kong orchid tree ชงโค

Hedge of Plumbago auriculata Lamk. leadwort พยับหมอก

Quisqualis indica L. Rangoon creeper เล็บมือนาง

Passiflora sp. passiflora hybrid

Adenium obesum (Forssk.) Roem. & Schult. desert rose ชวนชม

Allamanda cathartica L. yellow allamanda บานบุรีเหลือง

The topiary garden

Flower of Adansonia digitata baobab

Peltophorum pterocarpus (DC.) Back. ex Heyne copper pod นนทรี

Russelia equisetiformis Schltr. & Cham. Chinese firecrackers ประทัดจีน

Lagerstromia speciosa var. alba white queen’s flower