Chom Dong Villa and Garden


The concept of incorporating a walled garden at Chom Dong has always been a dream of the owners.  Finally, in December 2011, work on the secret garden was begun and completed about 3 months later.  Especially on the upper slopes, many of the original vegetation, a large part of which are bamboos, have been retained, and the garden has continued to mature over time.

Pale mauve bougainvilleas have been used to cascade over the tiered levels and climbing roses and Mandevilla are being trained over the two arched doorways.

Secret garden

Designed by Lookrai

View from an upper level, showing the two ponds

Looking upwards to the upper slopes

Sunset reflected in a pond

Climbing rose

Passiflora coccinea red passion flower ศรีมาลา

Christia obcordata swallowtail, striped plant ผีเสื้อ

Maniltoa grandiflora handkerchief tree อโศกขาว

Stepping stones

The back entrance

Orchids and Clerodendron thomsoniae

Reflections in a pond