Chom Dong Villa and Garden


The white garden was begun in December 2009, and was inspired by the White Garden at Sissinghurst Gardens in Kent, United Kingdom.  Over 100 plants with white flowers grow here, with many species of jasmines and gardenias forming a large part of the garden.

In December 2011, a maze of Murraya paniculata orange jessamine was created, drawing inspiration from Hampton Court’s famous yew maze, although the Chom Dong scented maze is neither as old nor as big!

White garden and maze

Designed by Lookrai

Murraya paniculata L. orange jessamine แก้ว

Antigonon leptopus var. alba white Honolulu creeper เล็บมือนาง

Oncoba spinosa fried egg tree


Cestrum diurnum white chocolate jasmine ทิวา

Adenium obesum white desert rose ชวนชมขาว

Nyctanthes arbor-tristis night-blooming jasmine กรรณิการ์

Calliandra haematocephala var. alba white powder puff พู่จอมพลสีขาว

Cestrum nocturnum queen of the night ราตรี

Many different types of jasmines grow in the white gardenThe_gardens.html

Gardenias in the white garden